Reiki / Intuitive Readings

What is a Reiki session like?

Reiki is practiced by the gentle placing of the hands on the body’s natural energy pathways to replenish and rebalance its energy and enhance its natural healing abilities. The practitioner’s hands are above the client’s body, or with permission, very gently resting on it. The person receives the Reiki fully clothed, lying on a treatment table, or alternatively, seated in a chair.

What is an intuitive reading like?

Our personal and health challenges have a spiritual dimension which include soul-level wounds. Addressing them is a critically important component of any healing journey. As a spiritual intuitive, I can assist you in this goal by accessing valuable soul-level information. I do so by working in partnership with the highest-level spirit masters, guides and healers and by intuitively reading your energy body, where all soul information is stored.

The Process

I have created a beautiful sacred space in my home for Reiki sessions and readings. Each session with me is uniquely designed for the specific needs of the client. In addition to the actual transmission of Reiki energy and rebalancing of the subtle energies:

  • First and foremost, I listen. Everyone’s situation, needs and goals are different and it is the information that the client chooses to share that shapes the session.
  • Through conversation, active listening and intuition, I also offer the service of helping the client to identify a focused intent for the session. Setting an intent leads to much more effective results.
  • I can also provide soul-level information underlying the client’s health and personal challenges, if desired. I access this information both by channeling the highest-level spirit masters, guides and healers and by psychically reading the client’s energy field.
  • Following the session, I share information I have intuitively discerned from the client’s energy field. I will generally also have suggestions to offer on how the client can better access their inner knowledge and wisdom related to their area of focus so that they can make decisions that are in alignment with their true desires.
  • Based on the overall results of the session, I may have energy-based “home work” suggestions to offer that will help the client to continue to move forward in their daily life.